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Episode 338

Published on:

26th Jun, 2020

Episode 336

Published on:

27th Apr, 2020

Episode 335

Published on:

24th Apr, 2020

Episode 334

Published on:

20th Apr, 2020

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Aaron Lindsey

I was born in front of a microphone. My parents owned a radio station when I was a child and I grew up spinnin' the hits! My profile pic is from 1988.
I eventually left radio in the early 90's and began my career as a graphic designer, but the radio bug never left.
The first podcast I ever heard was Scott Johnson's Extra Life Radio, and I was hooked.
In 2014 I started gathering microphones and audio interfaces.
My best friend and I started 'Weird' in 2016 and have never looked back.
In 2017 my other best friend and I started a Mystery Science Theater 3000 knockoff called Wisecracks Radio Hour.